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Guide for students on how to use the TUA Learning Cloud.

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Guide for teachers on how to use the TUA Learning Cloud.

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TLC will be used in all stages in the university where learning takes place: from secondary, higher education, graduate school to online training and short courses for professional education. Thus, learning in TUA will not only be exclusive to a group and confined within the classroom walls but through remote access to teaching materials. TLC will reach and engage students in a transformative, engaging teaching and learning experience.


The TLC system core Moodle will provide integrated toolsets, functionalities, and the latest online application for its delivery of courses; it is a cloud based solution that will maximize the use of mobile phones, tablets, PC, and laptops to make the learning experience more accessible, flexible, and cost effective both for faculty members and students.



Additionally, it will make learning more organized and streamlined and will provide faculty members and students everything needed to manage online classes in a secure and centralized environment. With this environment, students can download lectures, access assignments, take exams online, collaborate with other students, interact with teachers in a setting where students learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere.

While learning is digitized, TUA ensures that in-TLC Trinity, students' socio-emotional needs are also met through teaching and learning activities that are fun, with love, care and compassion that allows students to express themselves and be guided towards a meaningful understanding not only of their subjects, but its relevance to their life.

Help & Support

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You may find more information on the TLC Tutorial Site here

Make sure you are already OFFICIALLY enrolled stated in LWSIS. If not, please email your college regarding this matter.


College of Arts, Sciences and Education: /

College of Engineering and Information Sciences:

College of Hospitality and Tourism Management:

St. Luke’s College of Nursing:

College of Medical Technology: 

College of Allied Health and Sciences: / 

College of Business, Management and Accountancy: 


You can login in TLC with the following details:

Username: Student no.

Tentative password: Changeme123!

(Capital C and with exclamation point)

Kindly email your TLC CONCERN to

Our office hours are from 8AM-4PM, Monday-Friday.

We recommend logging into your Google Chrome browser using your TUA Email.

Click here for more information.

The TLC Tech Support Group are currently working on these requests. If you have classes this week, please coordinate with your college on how you are going to meet your Professors.

Email regarding your concern.